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Personal Injury

Injuries can happen anywhere, anytime and, usually, at the worst time for you. When an accident happens or you are injured, it might immediately change your life and could permanently change how you enjoy the life you have worked hard to create.

Medical Malpractice

Medical treatment can lead to bad results. Sometimes the bad result is the fault of the doctor and is called medical malpractice. Other times, a bad result is caused by a drug or medical device (like a hip implant or pacemaker) and may be a case against the manufacturer. Both of these situations can involve tremendous pain or prolonged recovery and be devastating to a patient and their family.

Small Business Counseling

So, you have had the next great million dollar idea! Congratulations! Now what? How do you protect it?

How do you protect yourself?


Few of us are comfortable thinking about our own death and even fewer can easily talk about it, especially to a lawyer. The problem is that poor Estate planning usually leaves a big mess for the same loved ones you want to protect.

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What people say about us

First, just wanted to let you know the check has been received and we thank you for sending so it so fast! Your personal note was very much appreciated as well. There’s no doubt in mind that having you represent my case over the past year was the very best thing that happened to me in this whole situation. Your patience, compassion, directness, and honesty were all given a the just the right times, making the whole process seem as smooth and painless as possible (with best possible end result). I can’t tell you enough how much that has meant to Michael and I – working with you this past year has been a pleasure (really!). It’s huge relief to put this behind us while starting the new year ahead. Hopefully, we will not have a reason to need your services again :-), but if we do, your number will be the first one I call.

After an accident involving my 3 year old daughter, we turned to Newkirk Law Office for help. Robert Newkirk and his remarkable staff took excellent care of us every step of the way, providing guidance about the legal process, advice on how to proceed, and patiently answering our many questions. Any time that we had questions or needed help, Robert and his team made themselves available. Throughout the process we were treated like family and our claim was settled in a timely manner. Initially we were unsure if we would seek legal counsel, but relieving ourselves of that burden turned out to be the best decision we could have made. Robert handled everything for us, which allowed us to focus on something more important: our daughter.

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