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Newkirk Law Office / News

The Newkirk Law Office was a primary sponsor of the 2011 Capital Campaign for the Kaleidoscope Foundation of Pine Lake Preparatory School by contributing Circle of Pride bracelets for all students to wear during the campaign.

The Newkirk Law Office was a primary sponsor of “Cookies with Santa” at the 2011 St. Mark’s Christmas Bazaar, held on Nov 20, 2011.

Child Abuse / Group Home Neglect

Victims of sexual abuse often live for years with shame, helplessness and denial. Remarkably, organizations where abuses occur often respond with concern about the organization’s legal exposure and/or loss of reputation or prestige, rather than concern for the victimized child. Frequently, organizations fail to report abuse to relevant law enforcement agencies, fail to properly investigate allegations of abuse, fail to protect children and fail to provide counseling and restitution to the abused child. Children who are in the custody of institutional caretakers, whether they are group homes, foster care or any other out of the home care provider, are twice as likely to be sexual or physically abused than are children of the home. The failure to protect children from the known, increased risk of physical and sexual abuse may give rise to liability for institutional caretakers for the injuries suffered by children in their care. Our firm has successfully represented children in these types of cases. In many cases, monetary damages are paid and changes are implemented to end abuse. For additional information regarding representation for abuse, please contact me.

Mass Torts / Pharmaceutical Litigation

My office also handles Mass Torts and Pharmaceutical Litigation. If you have been injured by the use of a drug or a device, please contact me.

Breast Implants Litigation

If you have a new address and have not updated my office in the last few months, please contact my office via email ( [email protected] ), fax or telephone to update your contact information. Please ask for Connie Birmingham.

If you have a specific question about your individual claim, please do not hesitate to contact us. Connie Birmingham can provide you with detailed information.